Noteworthy Moments White

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white background with Seinfeld images and phrases, including:
Serenity Now!
Are You Master of Your Domain?
I'm Not a Pimp!
No Soup for You!
Yada Yada Yada
They're Real and they're Spectacular
I Was in the Pool!
The Bro (Manzier)
She Had Man Hands
Little Kicks Dancing Elaine
Urban Sombrero
Coffee Mug
Greetings from Del Boca Vista
You’re Schmoopie
Little Jerry rooster
Puffy Shirt
Gortex winter coat
Top of the Muffin to You
Soup Nazi
No Soup for You!
Fusilli Jerry
I Don’t Have a Square to Spare
These Pretzels Are Making me Thirsty
Assman license plate
Hello Newman
Kramerica ketchup/mustard bottle
Look to the Cookie Elaine black and white cookie
Kramer’s Cigars
Costanza Wallet
Festivus pole

Fabric content: 100% Cotton

Width: 44/45 Inches

Manufacturer: Camelot

SKU: 23880121-1

Washing Instructions: Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low

This listing is for fabric by the yard, custom cut when you order. Any multi-yard cuts will be shipped as one continuous length. Actual color of the product may differ from the image shown due to differences in screens and the impossibility of capturing the true beauty of fabric through a photograph. This is a licensed fabric and is not intended for commercial use.

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