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From Stitches to Store

Elizabeth's introduction to the world of sewing came at the age of 15 when she was looking for a reason to avoid an annual family camping trip. Instead of campfires and time at the lake, she opted to spend some time at her grandmother's house. That weekend, Grandma T. showed her how to turn some vibrant fabric and creative spirit into a festive dress. Elizabeth spent several more weekends at grandma’s house as grandma patiently guided her through reading patterns, sewing zippers, and making alterations. The following Christmas, Elizabeth received her own sewing machine and was able to start tackling larger projects, including her first quilts. Her parents shouldn’t have been surprised when the sewing machine made its way into the luggage for the next camping trip.

A couple decades and dozens of quilts later, Elizabeth decided she wanted to turn her passion for sewing into a business. Her goal was to design and manufacture products to sell at craft fairs, however when she started her endeavor in January 2020, she had no idea what was to come. In March 2020, Elizabeth switched gears and began selling her stash of licensed quilting cottons online. In doing so, she was surprised by how fulfilling it was to be a part of someone else's creative process. With the support of the crafting community, Birtles Fabrics was born.

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Let your footwear do the talking

Shoes really are a never-ending product. Never-ending for us and never-ending for every fashion lover. Style, the variety of models, materials, textures, footwear, statistics and  spoken yet. So we’ve gathered some very interesting facts about your feet and the footwear on them.

Dress is sign of happiness

lOur ethnic look by wears are beautiful from the our house. It has a mandarin collection and three quarter collection which give you a chi look. The printed pattern on the  dress adds lot to its appeal. It has been crafted with a rayon fabric that will keep you at ease all day long.

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Megha as a fashion brand, is breaking new ground and creating intelligent apparel that is anti-stain, anti-odour and cooler! empowers small and medium-sized businesses to reach millions of customers with a number of programmer that help boost their revenue, reach and productivity. We celebrate those special products that were made for world wide customers.

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